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Audit Policy

Students may audit this course.

Students that want to take the course for credit have higher admission priority than students that want to audit the course. Thus, typically audit approval happens near the course add deadline, after the waitlist (if any) has been cleared.

Carnegie Mellon's course auditing policy states that "auditing is presence in the classroom without receiving academic credit or a letter grade." Students auditing the course must attend at least 85% of the lectures (i.e., you can miss up to 2 lectures). Students auditing the course demonstrate that they attended class by signing an attendance form at the beginning or end of each lecture. If there is no attendance form, the student must hand the instructor a piece of paper that contains the student's name and date.

The instructor may not notice or remember the student's presence in class for any particular lecture. It is the student's responsibility to demonstrate that he or she was present in the classroom.

Auditing students are expected to prepare for each lecture by doing assigned readings.

Auditing students are not required to complete homework assignments or to take exams. If a student chooses to complete homework assignments or take exams, they may or may not be graded, at the discretion of the teaching assistants.

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