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Zoom Instructions

We will use Zoom for synchronous (same time) lectures. Students are expected to attend class synchronously (i.e., live; not watching recordings) whenever possible. Your participation in classroom discussions is an integral part of a university education. It is a chance for you to share your experience and observations with other students, and to shape the course to better meet your interests and needs.

The Zoom invitation is here. You can access it from a CMU local or VPN IP address, or by logging in using your Andrew email address and a password. You must be registered for the class to generate a password.

Being able to see one another helps to facilitate a better learning environment and promote more engaging discussions. Our default will be to expect students to have their cameras on during lectures and discussions whenever possible.

During lectures, please keep your microphone muted unless you are asking a question.

Lectures will be recorded. If you ask a question, your userid, voice, video, and/or question may become part of the recording. Access to recordings is restricted to CMU students, so this isn't much different from other students in the class knowing that you asked a question, however you should be aware of it.



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Updated on December 09, 2020

Jamie Callan